From the ancient land of Sardinia, we would like to introduce you to the flavours  from our tradition. The liqueur “Bàttoro”, which in Sardinian dialect means “four”, takes its name from three of its ingredients that compose it: walnut, myrtle, lemon and from an idea…. (a fourth component essential for the harmonization of the three fruits). The fruits are not connected with each other, and are picked in the seasonal period that define them.

This  liqueur, with an exclusive and interesting  flavour, has been developed after years of research and work.

The brand “Bàttoro” has been legally founded in 2008, year in which the liqueur was born, in the beginning being produced only at a family level. Afterwards, because of the growing demand of regional, national and international admirers, it was decided to produce the liqueur at an operational level. Laboratory  and special machinery were conceived to produce the requested quantities, and an e-commerce site (www.battoro. it) is in a preparation phase for sales abroad.

Our products are: liquore amaro Bàttoro (Bàttoro digestive liqueur), liquore denso di Bàttoro (a sweet cream liqueur based version), apertivo Bàttoro (aperitif liqueur) and at last two variants: liquore denso di mirto e cotogna (a sweet cream base flavoured with myrtle and quince) and liquore denso di cotogna (a sweet cream base flavoured with quince).